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Our screen printer frame mainly has two types. The adopted materials are aluminum and wood. The product is produced especially for silk screen printing. The aluminum product is now widely applied in the industry. The wooden product is mainly used for manual screen printing. The following table shows the standard size specification of our product. The product can also be produced with the required size to meet the different printing needs.

Size Specification
Inner Size Material Size
200×300mm (7.8×12 inches) 18×22×1.2mm
300x 400mm (12×16 inches) 20× 30× 1.2mm
400× 500mm ( 16× 20 inches) 25× 35× 1.4mm
500× 500mm (20× 20 inches) 25× 35× 1.4mm
500× 600mm ( 20×24inches) 28× 43× 1.4mm
600× 800mm ( 24×31.5inches) 28× 43× 1.4mm
(800-1200)×(1200-1500) mm 28×43×1.6mm
300× 400mm ( 12×15.7 inches) 18× 22× 1.2mm
400× 500mm ( 15.7× 20 inches) 20× 30× 1.2mm
400× 600mm (15.7× 24 inches) 20× 30× 1.2mm
500× 700mm (20× 27.6 inches) 25× 38× 1.4mm
600× 800mm (24× 31.5 inches) 28× 43× 1.4mm
1000× 1000mm(39.4×39.4 inches) 28× 43× 1.6mm

The following information is some suggestions for screen printer frame.

Printing on CD/DVD, OD
We often select the product made of steel to print on optical disc. The standard size for the product in the industry is 31×31cm with a 2.5×3cm profile and 26×30cm with a 2.5×1.5cm profile. The product made of steel is strong enough to tolerate high mesh tension level. Because of the small size of the product, the selection for the mesh won't be affected by the size of the product. Then, we can optimize the printing resolution by considering the fine mesh counts with small thread diameter.

Printing on Electronics
Membrane switch printing often adopts the aluminum frame with the size ranging from 61×76cm to 102×102cm. The profile of the aluminum product should have high strength to support the mesh at high tension.

Printing on Glass Container
The product for printing glass container is generally made of aluminum. For the screen tension, which is often 6 to 12N/cm, is typically low for glass container printing, the profile of the product does not have to be very large. The size of the commonly used product for printing glass is 30×50cm (12×20inches), 25×45cm (10×15inches) and 20×60cm (8×24inches).

Printing on Automotive Glass
The rigid aluminum frame is adopted for printing automotive glass. Its profile is usually sloped and the wall is designed with large thickness for large size of the product. The size of the product ranges from 1.0×2.5m to 1.5×3.5m. It is different when the product is used for printing the automotive glass of cars and trucks. The mesh is adhered to the product by using standard screen printing adhesives.

Printing on Home Appliances
For printing on household appliances glass, the adopted product is made of aluminum with high rigidity and a sloped profile. Its size is approximately from 1.0×1.4m to 1.5×2.5m. The wall thickness of the product is robust to match with the size of the product. The recommended tension is 16 to 20N/cm. The mesh is attached to the product via standard screen printing adhesive.

Flatbed Textile Printing
The aluminum frame with the size up to 290×380cm is employed in the flat textile industry for printing on linen. The product with the size of 280×860cm is used for extra large flag printer. The mechanical stretching equipment is employed for stretching the mesh. The process of pre-stretching is preferred. The mesh is glued to the product through standard screen printing adhesive which does not need to be solvent resistant for the water based ink is used during printing.

T-Shirt/Garment Printing
In the garment industry, we often choose the frame of rigid aluminum type and retensionable roller type. The rigid wood type and steel type are also available. Screen with the rigid aluminum product is produced according to the standard stretch-and-glue process. The roller product uses a locking strip to hold the mesh into a groove on each side of the product. The most frequently selected size of the product including both rigid aluminum type and roller type are 51×61cm (20×24inches), 58×79cm (23×31inches) and 64×91cm (25×36inches).

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