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Our screen printing squeegee is made of high quality polyurethane blade which is produced in China. The color of the product is optional with blue, yellow, green and red. We mainly provide four kinds of the product including 60 durometer type, 70 durometer type, 80 durometer type and 90 durometer type. The cuspidal type product is mainly used for cylindrical substrates such as bottle and cup. Through durometer, the hardness of the product can be measured to determine the size of pressure that is required to push ink through mesh. The higher the durometer is, the harder the blade is.

Product Selection
1. The squeegee with 60 durometer is the softest. By using the product, the ink deposit is at the minimum level. The product is very fit for thin ink and water based ink.
2. As the most popular and versatile type, the product with 70 durometer can be applied in any cases for its great universal blade.
3. The 80 durometer product can offer a strong force when working. It is suitable for the thick opaque ink.
4. The product with 70, 90 and 70 triple durometer is designed with soft edge and hard center for optimal control.

As a China-based screen printing squeegee manufacturer and supplier, HengJin offers a comprehensive range of products, including screen printing equipment, sealed ink cup, 2 color pad printer, and more.

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