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Our screen printer ink is found at home and abroad. We have many kinds of the products for customers to choose, such as latex printing type, silicon type, UVE series, PS series, and more.

Detailed Information
Item Number Colors
PS Series The product can be used for printing the desired pictures or characters onto ABS, PS, PMMA, HIPS, AS, PC finial products. With the assistance of S-7 thinner, it won't erode the material.
ABS Series This series of product is light-on-light, strong sticky, resistant to alcohol and not easy to jam screen plate. It is suitable for the materials of ABS, PMMA, PC, PVC and hard plastic for pad printing and screen printing. With S-783 thinner, the product is widely used in electric business.
TPE Series Mainly used for electroplated PP material, this type of product is light-on-light and resistant to alcohol.
SPS Series With S-7 thinner available, this product is fit for the substrates which are easy to explode
DB Series This kind of screen printer ink is suitable for the material of metal or glass. It is often used for vacuum electroplating or water electroplating.
PP Series No need for any handling
UVE Series UV type
BBK Series Without any bittern element
Screen Printer Ink

ST Series

This kind of product is suitable to various metal materials. It is resistant to solvent and die cutting. The drying time for the product is 120 to 160 seconds.

Screen Printer Ink

UVE Series

The UV ink is stable and shining. Users should avoid rub the product. The supporting equipment for the product is UV curing machine and the temperature is about 60℃ to 80℃.

Screen Printer Ink

PS Series

The PS series of product is applied to be printed onto the final products with the materials of ABS, PS, PMMA, HIPS, AS and PC. With the assistance of S-7 thinner, the product won't erode the materials of substrates easily.

Screen Printer Ink

ABS Series

The ABS series of product can be used for the printing on the substrates with the materials of ABS, PS, PMMA, HIPS, AS and PC. Due to the S-7 thinner, the material of substrate can not be eroded easily.

Screen Printer Ink

Silicon Type

This type of product has high thermal stability. The characters or picture won't fade away.

Screen Printer Ink

Textile Ink

The product can be printed onto textile ranging from blind, sunshade, sport bag, racket sleeve, T-shirt, casual clothing, etc. For both industrial products and casual wear, the textile printing can be conducted with no limits in ideas, patterns and design.

Screen Printer Ink

Latex Printing Ink

This kind of product is resisting. With no need for drying machine, it only costs 3 to 5 seconds to dry naturally.

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