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We mainly provide four kinds of printing clichés for pad printing covering thick pad type for long runs, thin steel pad type for best quality and optimum service lifetime, water wash pad type and polymer type for fast sample request. The ink cup is also one of our products.

Printing Cliche & Ink Cup Printing Cliche & Ink Cup Printing Cliche & Ink Cup Printing Cliche & Ink Cup

1. Thick Pad Printing Cliché
Traditionally, this kind of product is often made of thick steel processed specially with hardening. Through chemical milling process, the printing plate is etched. In addition, the product is sized, ground, toughened, lapped and polished. By using the product, users can get more than 2000000 prints. The whole process cycle is 5 days or so. We have the product with standard size in stock. The special type needs to be customized. The table below shows the standard size of the product.

Standard Size (mm³)

2. Thin Steel Pad Printing Cliché
With the increase of the cost of the steel, the printing plate with the thickness of 10mm is considered to cost too much. The thinner printing plate with the thickness of only 1mm is produced. There are several kinds of size for the product. All our products are polished with the surface roughness less than the range of 0.05µm to 0.09µm. The hardness is 50HRC to 52HRC. This kind of product can be used for providing the prints of 100000 to 250000. We can provide the product with the sizes listed below.

Standard Size (mm³)

3. Water Wash Pad Printing Plates
The thickness of the specialty polymer pad printing plate is 0.5mm. The color for the product is dark green before or after exposure. Due to the durability and high performance of polymer, the printing plate can reproduce high quality halftones and fine lines. Its standard size involves 100×215mm, 100×200mm, 100×250mm, A4, A3 and A2. Generally, the product can be used to get 15000 to 20000 impressions. Customers can use the product conveniently.

4. Polymer Cliché
The polymer pad printing plate can provide 20000 to 60000 prints.

Acting like a transfer vehicle, the printing pad picks up the ink from printing plate and transfers the ink onto the substrate. To meet the high requirements of various pad shapes and hardness for all printing applications, the adopted silicon rubber for our product is with high quality.

HengJin is an experienced printing cliche & ink cup manufacturer in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including cylindrical screen printer, single color pad printing machine, screen plate exposure machine, and more.

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