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Pad Printer Ink

We can provide many kinds of pad printer inks with the advantages of stable performance and high wear resistance for different materials. Our product is fit for pad printer and screen printer.

The Details
Item Number Colors
PS Series This type of product can be used for printing ABS, PS, PMMA, HIPS, AS, PC finial products. With S-7 thinner available, it won't erode the material.
ABS Series This series of product is light-on-light, strong sticky, resistant to alcohol and not easy to jam screen plate. It is suitable for the materials of ABS, PMMA, PC, PVC and hard plastic for pad printing and screen printing. With S-783 thinner, the product is widely used in electric business.
TPE Series This type of product is light-on- light and resistant to alcohol. It is mainly used for electroplated PP material.
SPS Series This product is fit for the items which are easy to explode together with S-7 thinner.
DB Series This kind of product is suitable for the material of metal or glass. It is often used for vacuum electroplating or water electroplating.
PP Series No need for any handling
UVE Series UV type
BBK Series Without any bittern element

Our pad printer ink can be used in many areas such as office equipment, medical product, cosmetic, bottle cap, sports equipment, etc.

Office Equipment
Pad Printer Ink

As to print pictures and characters onto office equipment, we consider not only the functionality and durability but also the design which is also very important. The office equipment involves in writing utensils, hole-punchers, casings for dispensers, correction tapes and more. The materials of the office equipment are often ABS, SAN, PS, aluminum, steel, glass, wood as well as varnished surfaces.

Medical Products
Pad Printer Ink

When there is need to print marks onto medical products, we must consider the factor of harmlessness because some of the medical products are used in operating rooms. The further medical applications such as spectacles and hearing aids need to be marked with identification codes or scales in pad printing.

Pad Printer Ink

The ink used for printing marks on cosmetics has the features of light-on-light, strong sticky and resistant to alcohol. Through screen printing and pad printing, it is very suitable for ABS, PMMA, PC, PVC, hard plastic, etc.

Bottle Caps
Pad Printer Ink

Almost all bottle caps are made of polyethylene and polypropylene. Since the twisting type bottle cap is invented, the bottle caps are made of opaque material and produced with different colors through pad printing especially onto plastics. The printing speed can be up to several hundreds of caps per hour.

Sports Equipment
Pad Printer Ink

The field of sports equipment is so vast and individual that each project must be handled separately. The basic requirements for printing onto sports equipment are high mechanical and chemical resistant property, high opacity and gloss. Meanwhile, a wide range of colors are needed to make different effects.

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