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Main Performance
1. The UV light curing machine adopts imported Teflon conveyor belt. It can realize stepless speed adjustment and operate smoothly without noise.
2. The product is equipped with fine cooling system to avoid high temperature of working chamber for effective protection.
3. The convergent design of high light-gathering reflector can facilitate drying speed and curing effect.
4. According to the number of opening lamps the production needs, two sets of UV light source system are equipped to the product.
5. The UV lamp height can be adjusted.
6. The user can see all the operational conditions of the equipment including the UV lamp working current well through the meter panel.

Application Range
The UV light curing machine can be used for screen printing ink UV light curing. It can also be applied in other areas such as electro-acoustic industry for glue curing, UV curing adhesive bonding, etc.

Technical Parameters
Item Number UV-500
Lamp Tube 300W×2
Length of Belt 2.5m
Width of Belt 500mm (As your requirement, the belt width can also be 550mm, 600mm, 700mm, etc.)
Dimension 750×2000×1350mm
Package Dimension 850×2100×1650mm

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