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The desktop UV curing machine is configured with two sets of UV light source system. The number of the opening lamps depends on the production needs. The imported Teflon conveyor belt can achieve stepless speed adjustment to ensure the product operating smoothly without noise. Meanwhile, the product is equipped with high light-gathering reflector which can help to increase the drying speed and curing effect. The height of the UV lamp can be adjusted. Furthermore, it has exquisite cooling system for preventing the working chamber at high temperature to provide effective protection. In addition, there are some rotary knobs are available for helping to display the system working condition including the UV lamp working current.

Technical Parameters
Length of Belt 1.2m
Width of Belt 300mm
Power 2kW
Number of Lamps 2
Voltage 110V/220V
Dimension 1200×560×820mm
Net Weight 142kg

Note: We can also provide the product with the width of the belt of 350mm, 400mm and 450mm.

The desktop UV curing machine has a wide application range. It is mainly applied for UV light curing of screen printing ink and UV adhesive bonding in the areas of module lens, circuit board component, electronic component, LCD chip, etc.

As a professional desktop UV curing machine manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide not only drying machine, but also screen printing machine, pad printing machine, hot stamping machine, and exposure machine, among others.

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