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Screen Plate Exposure Machine

The LT-280L screen plate exposure machine takes usage of high quality lamp, vacuum pump, blanket and domestic accessories with famous brand to ensure unrivaled quality of the equipment. The product is equipped with fast Kai lamp which can be started immediately. Thus, the efficiency of the equipment and the lifetime of the lamp can both be improved largely. Meanwhile, the built-in ventilation cooling system can dissipate the heat of the lamp timely. By using microcomputer, the screen plate exposure machine can achieve automatic timing control. Users can adjust the exposure time according to the needs.

We can also produce the same kind equipment with the maximum exposure area of 1100×1400mm. The detailed information is as follows.
1. Max. Exposure Area: 1100×1400mm
2. Power Supply: 380V/50Hz
3. Power of Light: 3kW×1
4. Dimension (L×W×H): 1550×1250×1100mm
5. Net Weight: 170kg

Technical Parameters
Exposure Size
Power Supply Dimension Lamp Power× Amount Exposure
Gross Weight Packing Dimension
UV Light 800×1100 220V
2000W×1 0-5.5min 120kg 134×103×105 cm

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