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Middle Size Exposure Machine

The LT-280M middle size exposure machine is the desktop and vacuum type equipment for the exposure of metal plate and screen plate. Designed with compact structure, the product adopts the microcomputer to achieve control. A series of intelligent design such as data display, button-type number setting and parameters storage allows for easy operation. The vacuum rubber of the product is made of imported rubber. Meanwhile, the visible digital time setting can control the time for exposure accurately. Furthermore, the middle size exposure machine has eight UV lamp tubes with the power of 15W for each one.

Technical Parameters
Light Source Max. Exposure Size Power Dimension Lamp Power ×Amount Exposure Duration Gross Weight Packing Dimension
UV Light 500×4000mm 220V 50/60Hz 480×530×300mm 15W×8 0-5.5min 28kg 620×620×200mm

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