Automatic Flat Hot Stamping Machine

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Automatic Flat Hot Stamping Machine

Due to the microcomputer control and pneumatic driving component, the HH200 automatic flat hot stamping machine can be operated easily. The control program for flat and cylindrical stamping is stored in the product. Meanwhile, the relevant fixture attachments are available for cylindrical stamping. Furthermore, there are three operational modes including manual type, semi-automatic type and automatic type for users to choose and adjust, which facilitates the operation largely. In addition, four-digit auto counter is built in the product.

Moreover, this hot stamping machine can realize automatic foil winding and adjust foil collecting length. Its worktable can move into and out of the stamping position automatically to facilitate loading and unloading of substrate. Meanwhile, it can perform adjustment at front, rear, left, right and plane angle. What's more, the pressure, temperature and speed can be adjusted when the product is stamping. Additionally, the stamping head can be adjusted in height.

Technical Parameters
Stamping Plate Size 150×210mm Stamping Temperature Scope 0-280℃
Worktable Size 170×220 mm Max. Products Height 200mm
Stroke of Stamping Plate 50mm Stamping Pressure <800kgf
Heating Power 1500W Max Stamping Speed 800pcs/h
Gas Consumption <63L/min Power 220V 50Hz/60Hz
Air Source Pressure 4-7 bar Dimension/Weight 600× 1605× 660mm/180kg

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