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Hot Foil Stamping Machine Hot Foil Stamping Machine
Technical Parameters
Stamping Plate Size 150×200mm Stamping Temperature Scope 0-280℃
Worktable Size 108×108mm Max. Products Height 185mm
Stamping Pressure <130kgf
Max. Products Size 150× 200 Max. Stamping Speed 1200pcs/h
Stroke of Stamping Plate 38mm Power 220V/50Hz
Heating Power 900W Air Source Pressure 4-7 bar
Gas Consumption < 40L/min Dimension 530×580×1385mm

1. Controlled by microcomputer, the H195S hot foil stamping machine takes usage of pneumatic parts for driving.
2. The product can adjust pressure, temperature and speed when stamping. It is designed with automatic and adjustable paper feeding and collection.
3. The hand wheel and knob are available for adjusting stamping height and stroke to meet different heights of various substrates.
4. The worktable of the hot foil stamping machine can achieve adjustment at four sides of left, right, front and back. It can also be turned slightly. The adjustment from front to rear is helpful for easy and safe operation.
5. The product can not only print bend and cylindrical substance but also achieve flat printing through dismantling shuttle worktable.

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