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Flat Heat Transfer Printing Machine Flat Heat Transfer Printing Machine Flat Heat Transfer Printing Machine
Technical Parameters
Heating Plate Size 100×300mm Heating Power 1500W
Temperature Scope Room Temperature to 300℃ Max. Pressure 6kg/m²
Press Down Stroke 100mm Worktable Size 350×600mm
Max Stamping Size 500×280mm Feeding Foil Power Fixing Point/ Timing Automatically
Air Pressure 0.6-0.9Mpa Power 220V/ 50HZ
Dimension (L×W×H) 1300×480×1750mm Weight 150kg

With two functions of heat transfer and hot stamping available, the HH-304N flat heat transfer printing machine can print pictures on various objects with flat, round and arch surfaces such as plastic, VCD panel, PVC product, remote controller panel, switch cover, timber, calendar, book, lens and so on. For the high performance price ratio, the product is one of the most popular equipment in the market and can satisfy all the requirements of customers.

The flat heat transfer printing machine is designed semi-automatically. The product can achieve automatic stamping as well as automatic foil feeding and discharging with the device of photoelectric sensor. It can adjust the printing speed, radian, time and fixed position. The adopted special constant temperature heating mode can save electric power and achieve precise temperature control effectively. Meanwhile, all parts of the equipment are processed carefully and all the key parts are plated with hard chromium. Thus, the surface of the product is smooth and nice. What's important, the printing effect is perfect with the features of high level, brightness, cleanness, no garland, no coarse grain, etc.

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