Conveyor Silk Screen Printing Machine

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Conveyor Silk Screen Printing Machine

The conveyor silk screen printing machine can print every color and every ink. Its printing speed is fast. The turntable worktable of the product has four stations. The product can print four articles at one time. The squeegee moves from left to right with FESTO or ORIGA pneumatic component, which is suitable for high accurate printing. The product is also fitted with the function of remembering set program. It is fit for printing articles with small size of flat surface and widely applied for necessities, toys, electrons, plastics, leather, metal, food package, light industry, etc.

Technical Parameters
Item Number HS350MR/4 Printing Speed 800pcs/ hour
Max. Printing Size 120×200 mm Max. Screen Frame Size 350×550 mm
Air Consumption 20.6Mpa Power 400W
Air Supply 6 bar Voltage 220V/ 1 Phase
Dimension 650×1100×1600mm Net Weight 300kg

This conveyor silk screen printing machine with high repeat printing accuracy satisfies high printing requirement.
It is characterized by 4pcs workstation, more convenient installation of loading/unloading device and drying system.
12 years of manufacturing experience, ISO, SGS&CE certificated, Germany FESTO pneumatic elements, alloy cast aluminum body and CNC working parts has contributed to the high quality and excellent price performance ratio of every printing machine provided by Hengjin. Besides, the manufacturing plant is only our hour's drive distance from Guangzhou or Shenzhen port.
We guarantee a quality period of 3 years and timely solution for any problem within 24 hours.

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