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Screen Printing Machinery

The automatic precise vacuum screen printing machine can print every color on every material. Designed with vacuum worktable having induced draft, the product is suitable for printing thinner sheet with the thickness less than 10mm such as paper, garment, plastic sheet, etc. It can be set with two programs including single cycle printing and automatic printing according to customers' needs. Controlled by microcomputer, the product can remember the set program and perform its function stably. It is also fitted with the function of set printing once, twice, etc to meet the needs of users.

This type of screen printing machine is designed with many advanced technology and components. Each position can be sensed through electric eye to ensure accurate positioning. The squeegee moves from left to right by taking usage of guide pillar structure which allows for smooth movement and high printing quality. The adopted German FESTO or ORIGA pneumatic components guarantee high accurate printing. Meanwhile, the rising and down of screen frame is accurate and stable with the guide pillar.

Technical Parameters of HS260PI
Item Number HS260PI Printing Speed 1100pcs/ hour
Max. Printing Size 200×260 mm Max. Screen Frame Size 250×400 mm
Max. Printing Height of Products 80mm Stroke of Screen Frame Moving Up and Down 160mm
Air Consumption 2L/ cycle Power 1.5kW
Air Expend/ Cycling 2.1L Voltage 220V/ 1 Phase 50/ 60 HZ
Dimension 650×1300×1620mm Net Weight 120kg
Technical Parameters of HS350PI
Item Number HS350PI Printing Speed 1200pcs/ hour
Max. Printing Size 250×350 mm Max. Screen Frame Size 300×450 mm
Max. Height of Products 80mm Screen Frame Stroke 160mm
Air Consumption 2L/cycle Power 1.5kW
Air Supply 6 bar Voltage 220V/ 1 Phase 50/ 60 HZ
Dimension 720×760×1700mm Net Weight 145kg

This vacuum flat screen printer machine is designed with less than 10 mm vacuum worktable thinner sheet, such as paper, plastic card, etc.
12 years of experience, Germany FESTO pneumatic elements, alloy cast aluminum body and CNC working parts accounts for the high quality of every machine in Hengjin.
Hengjin creates every single machine in the greatest zeal.
Hengjin promises a quality guarantee period of 3 years. We provide solution for any problem within 24 hours.

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