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PCB Manual Screen Printer

1. By adopting high-temperature electrostatic spray, the PCB manual screen printer is rust resistant and can be cleaned easily.
2. The worktable of the product is made of imported plexiglass plate which is resistant to corrosion, acid and alkali. So, it won't deform easily.
3. The circular lamp table is set below the worktable for facilitating operation, precise positioning and observation.
4. With the function of fine turning adjustment available, the worktable can be turned to a suitable position and fixed with tight twisting screw.
5. Designed with desktop structure, the PCB manual screen printer has a solid welded steel body with high quality.
6. Through the head clamping screw, the level of the network frame can be adjusted.
7. Several long grooves formed through surface milling are propitious to shift the circuit board when printing a hard plate.

Technical Parameters
Model HJ-7080
Worktable Area 700×800mm
Max. Screen Frame Size 700×800mm
Max. Printing Area 400×600mm
Fine Turning Range of Worktable ±50mm
Power Supply 220V/50HZ
Lamp Power 22W
Weight 150kg

Application Range
The machine has a wide application range in the fields of metal, plastic, circuit boards, electronics, toys and other areas.

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