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Precision Manual Flat Screen Printer

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Precision Manual Flat Screen Printer Precision Manual Flat Screen Printer

The LT-80 precision manual flat screen printer is very fit for printing products with small size and high precision requirements. With the size of 240×300mm and made of cast aluminum, the worktable of the product is durable and can ensure stable printing. Meanwhile, it is adjustable within the scope of 20mm in the directions of left/right and front/back, which can enhance the printing precision of the product. The maximum thickness of the article that the machine can print is 100mm.

In addition, the precision manual flat screen printer is produced with the package size of 420×460×220mm and the gross weight of 12.5kg. We can also provide the product with the worktable size of 270×350mm and 450×600mm. Furthermore, the product is in stock in most cases. We can deliver the product for customers immediately.

In order to satisfy customers' diversified demands, we provide not only pad printers, but also variety of manual screen printer, pneumatic silk screen printer and hot stamping machine, etc. used for printing big-sized design. These products are all featured with high functional performance, convenient maintenance, high safety standards, reasonable prices and environmentally friendliness. Due to these advantages, they are widely used in over 50 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and America.
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