Safety Helmet Pad Printing Machine

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Safety Helmet Pad Printing Machine

The safety helmet pad printing machine runs agilely and steadily with low noise. Its printing speed is slower than that of turntable machine. But the product can print articles with bigger size. The three exchangeable cylinders in the worktable of the product can control the position precisely and stably. Designed semi-automatically with 4-digit automatic counter, the product can be adjusted at the directions of left/right and up/down as well as the printing delay and ink dipping.

The shuttle and ink cup pad printer takes usage of cast alloy aluminum to make its body which is light and durable. The cylinder and electric components are German FESTO or Japanese SMC. The hardness of screw is 8.75 degree. The product is widely applied for printing on key-press of various electric components like computer, mobile phone, electric panel, telephone, game player, etc. It is also applicable for printing on accessories of hardware, plastics, toys and commodity. Special design for the product is also available.

The following table shows the technical parameters of HP-200FY product with closed ink cup system which has little volatile of thinner and ink for good working environment.

Technical Parameter of HP-200F
Item Number HP-200F Printing Colors Six
Printing Speed 500pcs/ hour Height of Target Products 100mm
Max. Metallic Plate 100×150mm(4×6 inches) Max. Printing Size 75×120mm
Worktable Size 160×200mm Stroke of Worktable 114.3 mm
Adjustable Pad Size on Target Products 10-60 mm Adjustable Pad Size on the Metallic Plate 10-60 mm
Voltage 220 VAC/ 1 Phase 20W Air Supply 6 bar
Dimension 1120×910×1470mm Net Weight 196kg
Technical Parameters of HP-200FY
Item Number HP-200FY
Max. Ink Usage 98.5%
Ink Cup Diameter 90mm
Max. Metal Cliché Size 100×200mm (4×8inches)
Max. Printing Size 75×75mm (3×3 inches)
Ink Cup Stroke 120mm

In addition, the product with the stroke of pad moving from front to back of 300m can also be provided for printing bigger design.

As a professional safe helmet pad printing machine, Donguan Hengjin Printing Machinery Company have over 10 years of manufacturing experience and over 8 years of international marketing experience. The rich experience enables us to produce high quality pad printing machine at reasonable prices. We can also provide relevant accessories, like pad printer cliche, pad, doctor blade, printing ink. One of our customers is SPG, one of the biggest helmet manufacturers from UK.
Our quality guarantee period is 3 years. We provide solution within 24 hours for any problem.

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