4 Color Tampon Printer

4 Color Tampon Printer

The 4 color tampon printer is well-designed and used as the universal machine for printing on daily articles such as toys, electrons, electrical appliances, plastics, leather, metal, food packages, etc. It can also be applied in light industry. The product is suitable for printing large articles. Its station size is 136×200mm.

1. Printing with fast speed, the 4 color tampon printer has the functions of single cycle printing and automatic printing.
2. The machine is controlled via the most advanced microcomputer system to achieve steady performance.
3. Four printing positions can be fixed by pneumatic side pressure positioning, which is accurate and stable.
4. The height of doctor blade can be adjusted to fit the different thickness of metal plate.
5. The product has an operational panel with touch sensitive system which has fast reaction. User can use the machine to print conveniently.

Technical Parameters of HP-300DZ
Item Number HP-300DZ Printing Colors Four
Printing Speed 1200pcs/ hour Distance of U Tray 177.8mm
Max. Metallic Plate 150×300mm(6×12 inches) Max. Printing Size 125×250mm (5×10 inches)
Station Quantity 18 pieces Distance of Two Ink Trays 177.8 mm
Adjustable Pad Size on Target Products 10-80 mm Station Size 136×200mm
Voltage 220 VAC/ 1 Phase 20W Air Supply 6 bar
Dimension 1560×1650×1680mm Net Weight 650 kg

We also have the HP-300DZY product which is designed with the closed ink cup system. The closed ink cup system can generate little volatile of thinner and ink. So, user can have a good working environment.

Technical Parameters of HP-300DZY
Item Number HP-300DZY
Max. Ink Usage 98.5%
Ink Cup Diameter 135mm
Max. Metal Cliché Size 150×300mm (8×12 inches)
Max. Printing Size 120×120mm (4.7×4.7 inches)

Dongguan Hengjin Printing Machinery Company is surely your best choice as to the purchase of high speed and high quality 4-color tampon printer. Over 10 years of manufacturing experience and over 8 years of international marketing experience is the solid backup of our product in high quality and reasonable prices. Besides, silk screen printing, hot stamping, exposure machine and UV curing machine is also within our manufacturing capability. Our promised quality guarantee period is 3 years. Moreover, we solve any problem within 24 hours.

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