Tampon Printer

Tampon Printer Tampon Printer

The tampon printer takes usage of cylinder and electric components with the brands of German FESTO or Japanese SMC which work smoothly and durably. Its body adopts the material of cast alloy aluminum allowing for light weight and durability. The product achieves position induction with electric eye to ensure accuracy and excellent performance. Its worktable is designed to be adjustable at any angle and directions of left/right and front/back to realize fine position fixation. Controlled by microcomputer, the whole equipment performs excellently in functions.

Technical Parameters of HP-300A
Item Number HP-300A Printing Color One
Printing Speed 1200pcs/ hour Max. Height of Products 200mm
Max. Metallic Plate 300× 600mm(12×24 inches) Max. Printing Size 275 mm× 500mm (11× 20 inches)
Worktable Size 360× 360mm Stroke of Pad 300mm
Adjustable Pad Size on Target Products 10-80 mm Adjustable Pad Size on the Metallic Plate 10-80 mm
Voltage 220 VAC/ 1 Phase 20W Air Supply 6 bar
Dimension 1180×750×1680mm Net Weight 450 kg

This pad printing machine is well-designed and universal. It has two programs consisting of single cycling and automatic printing. It can be applied for toys, necessities, electrons, electrical equipment, plastics, leather, metal, glass, light industry, food packages, etc. The stroke of pad moving from front to back is 300mm. So, the product is also very suitable for printing comparatively large objects such as panel and keyboard.

Technical Parameter of Each Cylinder
Name of Cylinder Size Supplier Pressure 4bar 5bar 6bar
The Cylinder for Pad Moving Up and Down Diameter: 32×50 mm Germany FESTO Rise Pressure 28.3kgf 35.3kgf 42.4kgf
Drop Pressure 23.8kgf 29.7kgf 35.6kgf
The Cylinder for Pad Moving from Front and Back Diameter:25×125 mm Germany FESTO Forward Pressure 19.63kgf 24.5kgf 29.4kgf
Fall Back Pressure 16.5kgf 20.6kgf 24.7kgf
The Cylinder for Seal Ink Cup Diameter:25×100 mm Germany FESTO Forward Pressure 19.63kgf 24.5kgf 29.4kgf
Fall Back Pressure 16.5kgf 20.6kgf 24.7kgf

The product can also be produced to the closed ink cup system type with the ink cup diameter of 135mm or 150mm. Then, the little volatile of thinner and ink allows for a good working environment. The detailed information about the product with the ink cup diameter of 135mm is showed below.
1. Item Number: HP-300Y
2. Max. Ink Usage: 98.5%
3. Ink Cup Diameter: 135mm
4. Max. Metal Cliché Size: 150×300mm (8×12 inches)
5. Max. Printing Size: 120×120mm (4.7×4.7 inches)

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