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Keyboard Pad Printing Machine

The HP-300K keyboard pad printing machine has stable and reliable quality. With swift printing available, the printing for whole keyboard can be finished at one time. Designed with accurate position, the product can fit for keyboards with different style. Controlled by microcomputer, it can achieve excellent function. The pad of the product is designed specially for nice printing effect. The position and printing speed can be adjustable to meet different printing requirements.

The keyboard pad printing machine has 4-digit automatic counter. User can ink, install, dismantle and clean the ink roller conveniently. Meanwhile, the product can stick ink twice and print one time to get thicker ink layer. To ensure the quality of the product, the cylinder and electric components are German FESTO. The hardness of screw is 8.75 degree. The material for the body is cast alloy aluminum to allow for light and durable product.

Technical Parameters of HP-300K
Item Number HP-300K Printing Colors One
Printing Speed 1200pcs/hour Max. Height of Products 180mm
Max. Metallic Plate 250×600mm(10×24 inches) Max. Printing Size 200×500mm (8× 20 inches)
Stroke of Worktable 300mm Stroke of Pad 200mm
Adjustable Pad Size on Target Products 10-40 mm Adjustable Pad Size on the Metallic Plate 10-40 mm
Voltage 220 VAC/ 1 Phase 20W Air Supply 6 bar
Dimension 1650×850×1670mm Net Weight 450kg
Technical Parameters of Each Cylinder
Name of Cylinder Size Supplier Pressure 4bar 5bar 6bar
The Cylinder for Pad Moving Up and Down Diameter: 125×100 mm German FESTO Rise Pressure 450kgf 563kgf 675kgf
Drop Pressure 491kgf 615kgf 736kgf
The Cylinder for Pad Moving from Front to Back Diameter: 50×300 mm German FESTO Forward Pressure 78.5kgf 98.2kgf 117.8kgf
Fall Back Pressure 66kgf 82.5kgf 99kgf
The Cylinder for Blade Diameter: 80×10 mm German FESTO Rise Pressure 181.4kgf 227kgf 272kgf
Scrape Ink Pressure 201kgf 251kgf 302kgf
The Cylinder for Pipe Position Cover Plate Diameter: 32×50× 2 mm German FESTO Rise Pressure 56.6kgf 70.6kgf 84.8kgf
Drop Pressure 47.6kgf 59.4kgf 71.2kgf
The Cylinder for Pipe Position of Blade/Front( no-pole Cylinder) Diameter: 25×300 mm German FESTO Forward Pressure 19.63kgf 24.5kgf 29.4kgf
Fall Back Pressure 19.63kgf 24.5kgf 29.4kgf

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